About Us

VIPFOREXTR stands for VIP Foreign Exchange Trading Resources.

VIPFOREXTR is a website that provides information on trade, especially foreign exchange markets. We are here to present actual information from the trading floor, both news and current issues, data releases, and other matters that are important to traders.

VIPFOREXTR also provides basic learning materials for currency trading and foreign exchange. We selected the materials in a structured manner starting from the most basic to advanced material. We hope that by following our writings in a coherent manner, an amateur beginner trader can improve his abilities so that he becomes more and more expert. Our social mission is to make more people able to trade forex by providing important materials that are delivered as simply as possible.

Apart from providing the latest info from the market and learning materials to become a reliable trader, VIPFOREXTR also provides free forex signals. Again, the goal of VIPFOREXTR is solely social. We want to invite people to be able to make money for themselves in the easiest and fastest way possible.

All material on this website we provide as is. We are not responsible for anything that is directly or indirectly-authorized or not authorized by us-due to the use of material on this website.