Forex Trading Signal 22 March 2017

Faced with this Crude Oil Inventories (USD) news release on 21.00 pm tonight, the market expects an increase from the previous figure. While in the previous release of Crude Oil Inventories figure or crude oil reserves exist in the position of minus 0.2m, this time the market predicts that the COI will be 1.9M.

Trader should be careful because this is a fundamental indicator which can be positive but also at the same time can have a negative impact. There is no consistent effect – it is possible implications for inflation or growth. Another thing to note is although this is a US indicator, but is influenced by the energy sector in Canada.

Another fundamental news that should be observed is the Existing Home Sales (USD). The Existing Home Sales properties seems not indicating high impact issue to the forex market, but it is important also to be taken into consideration in the analysis.

Free Forex Signal
For traders who need it, I gave the signal for free to you (the effective trading time on Monday (3/22/2017) at 09.00 until Tuesday (7/23/2017) morning at 03.00 GMT + 7):

Buy Stop : 1.2496
Sell Stop : 1.2454

Buy Stop : 1.0820
Sell Stop : 1.0787

Buy Stop : 0.7671
Sell Stop : 0.7650

Buy Stop : 0.9951
Sell Stop : 0.9929

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