Is Trading Using a Smartphone Preferable?

You might get advertisements from brokers where they provide a platform that works well on smartphones. Yet, does trading from a smartphone really make you closer to profits throughout the day? Or vice versa, this method will only make you sink with the inevitable losses?

Here’s our view as a market player who has been playing for a long time, both by using a personal computer (PC) as well as a smartphone. The article below may become additional information thus you will easily consider whether it’s necessary to install a trading platform to your smartphone.

First Thing to Consider: Freedom of use a.k.a Flexibility

Trading in your hand, that’s the jargon that is usually used by brokers to attract you. That’s right, you will find it easier to make transactions on the trading market simply with the application at your fingertips. There is no need to look for a power outlet for your laptop, or internet for your connection. You might just have to do a few touches on your mobile screen and your transaction is executed.

For flexibility, of course, trading using a smartphone is much better than a notebook or PC.

The Second: Screen Dimensions

For some people, it is rather difficult to do an analysis from smartphone screens that tend to be narrow. It is not easy to read numbers or interpret lines formed by indicators. In addition, in our experience, the screen ratio is also very influential on the appearance of the trading platform. You may not believe it, but we have experienced that the angle and slope of the line tend to be different between the screen of the smartphone and PC.

For our business, we tend to choose a PC or notebook screen. However, the wider the screen will make it easier for us to read. Notebook / PC wins in this matter.

Last but not Least: Features

It must be admitted that the development of the trading platform on smartphones is not as sophisticated and up-to-date as its compatriots in Windows-based or Apple-based computers. Lots of features are trimmed or intentionally not to be developed for the Android or IOS platforms. Of course, this is also related to the hardware that has different capabilities and performance.

For fans of the custom indicators, it will be difficult to implement their strategies on the smartphone screen. Conversely, for those who only base their trading system on the default indicator of the application, it is certainly not a big problem.

Regarding the third thing, we prefer to give a plus on a computer-based platform.


In the nutshell, for those of you who really do not need a lot of supporting features and are more concerned with the speed of execution, the choice of trading using an Android or IOS based platform is certainly an attractive choice. However, for those of you who like details and various supporting features, we recommend that you stay on a computer-based platform.

The rest, keep in mind that the longer you are exposed to charts and markets, the greater the risk of losing your money. For this, we still recommend … as far as possible avoid excessive trading.

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