Tight Range Due to the Lack of High-impact Sentiment

Friday is regarded by currency traders as the reversal day. It is often that market gone to sideways on on Friday. Quite a lot of events on the trading floor happened today (24/3), but few are expected to have a significant impact on prices. We will not see much movement in the market due to the lack of high-impact sentiment. For traders with character scalper, this would be a distinct advantage. Conversely, for the “news trader” this day is a day when they are virtually deserted. See all events happened today in the figure below. And the trading signal will follow in the next section.

Free Forex Signal
For traders who need it, I gave the signal for free to you (the effective trading time on Monday (3/24/2017) at 09.00 until Tuesday (7/25/2017) morning at 03.00 GMT + 7):

Buy Stop : 1.2524
Sell Stop : 1.2475
Buy Stop : 1.0792
Sell Stop : 1.0761
Buy Stop : 0.7653
Sell Stop : 0.7621
Buy Stop : 0.9960
Sell Stop : 0.9926


UPDATE 12:00 pm: The movement of GBP / USD at 1-hour chart is seen to be in a correction phase. The scenario is if the area around 1.24637 – 1.24890 confirms a buy signal is found, then it can open up the possibility of GBP / USD moved up to the range of 1.25047 – 1.25300. Be careful if it turns GBP / USD manages to break support at 1.24637 because it could potentially push the GBP / USD dropped to the range of 1.24480 – 1.24227.

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